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Due to the huge increase in the number of critically ill patients in this severe pandemic surge, our healthcare systems are becoming severely stretched and sometimes failing. As a result, healthcare workers from many clinical areas are required to work in and support the work of critical care units and their teams. We have seen this happening in many parts of the world already. 

Staff and trainee doctors, nurses, and health disciplines professionals from specialties/practice areas other than critical care medicine may be required to practice in a critical care environment. Ideally, this will be under the direct supervision of a critical care physician or nurse, but foreseeing situations where direct supervision may not be available, having guidance for making decisions about  management, care, and triage outside of one's normal professional and entrusted activities is advised. 

This website aims to support these professionals by providing quick, accessible learning resources and reference materials to support their preparation for practicing in a critical care environment. As this COVID-19 pandemic progresses, this resource will evolve and grow rapidly to assure the content meets the needs of our health professionals.

Your feedback is welcome and recommended to allow us to improve this resource. Stay safe and well!

The Critical Care Education Pandemic Preparedness (CCEPP) Team

Please note that this website continues to be a work in progress. We are continually adding resources and producing syntheses and pocket cards from those resources. We welcome you to provide feedback to help us improve. 

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How will we manage patients differently moving forward in the COVID-19 pandemic? Listen in to this lecture by Dr. Rob Fowler, Chair of the Canadian Clinical Trials Group, and Barrie Fairley Professor of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto as he discusses treatment advances for COVID-19.

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The CCEPP team has worked to have the content of this site informally peer-reviewed. However, it does not constitute official advice or guidance unless otherwise indicated. Please use your own discretion and judgment when applying information from this site to your practice.