Ontario Pandemic Response

Tiered Physician Staffing Model for Critical Care Medicine

The Medical Models of Care for Critical Care Medicine in Ontario During a Pandemic was developed by the Short Life Working Group as part of a provincial initiative. It may not apply to the organization of critical care resources in other jurisdictions and was not created by CCEPP. 


The medical model is a tiered model based on physician competencies/experience and not primarily on job title, location, or seniority. Competencies/experience are identified in advance with all MDs so they can easily mesh into a care team in real-time practice. All patient care will be under the supervision of a trained intensivist (Tier 1 MD)

A full description of this model is outlined in the video below with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation from the Short Life Working Group:

How To Use This Resource

Please complete the survey at the link below to identify the physician tier that best corresponds to your experience and skill set.

Suggested Learning Curricula

The curricula below contain suggested reading for physician tiers 2-4 with the required knowledge and skill levels outlined. Topics highlighted in RED are critical for your learning; topics highlighted in YELLOW are important for your learning; topics highlighted in GREEN are for your future reference or advanced learning; and topics highlighted in BLUE can be used as a "just in time" resource. We recommend that you tackle these particular items according to their color-coded priority. You will identify that there is a hyperlink associated with each curriculum item that will take you to the educational resources for that topic. For a small number of these items, materials will be available shortly.

Note: The site does not propose a curriculum for Tier 1 doctors since they are practicing intensivists already.

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