Suggested Curriculum for Residents


As a resident working in the ICU, we recommend reviewing the following topics if they are not already familiar to you. Topics highlighted in RED are critical for your learning; topics highlighted in YELLOW are important for your learning; topics highlighted in GREEN are for your future reference or advanced learning.

You will identify a hyperlink associated with each curriculum item due to the educational resources for that item. For a small number of these items, materials will be available shortly.

In general, residents are not expected to perform independent airway management for critically ill patients. The exception to this might be for senior anesthesia trainees. However, residents at any level may be asked to assist in airway management with graded responsibility based on previous skills and experience. 

Category Topic Available Format(s)
Airway Bag-valve mask ventilation Procedural video
Assessing the airway One-page handout
Endotracheal intubation Procedural video
Rapid sequence intubation Short lecture/video
One-page handout
Video laryngoscopy Short lecture/video
Tracheostomy basics Short lecture/PPT
ICU intubation algorithm from the Difficult Airway Society Short handout