Ontario Pandemic Response

Suggested Curriculum for Tier 4 Physicians   


Tier 4 physicians are expected to assist with the day-to-day care of ICU patients but would not be responsible for running a team or caring for patients independently . We recommend reviewing the following topics to fulfill this role if they are not already familiar to you. Topics highlighted in RED are critical for your learning; topics highlighted in YELLOW are important for your learning; topics highlighted in GREEN are for your future reference or advanced learning; topics highlighted in BLUE can be used as a "just in time" resource.

You will identify a hyperlink associated with each curriculum item due to the educational resources for that item. For a small number of these items, materials will be available shortly. 

Category Topic Available Format(s)
Procedures Ultrasound-g internal jugular central line insertion Procedural video
Arterial line placement Procedural video
Thoracentesis Procedural video
Paracentesis Procedural video
Lumbar puncture Procedural video

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